Following Europe Will Lead To Collapse

In the Eurozone Spain is bracing for yet another round of painful austerity as a result of its unsustainable debt. These cuts will cripple entitlement programs that people built lives around, they will cause a spike in unemployment, and put the national security of its people at risk. This is the path big government takes you down; ballooning debt, then a crash where the bottom is not discernable.

Then why does this administration feel that the best way to fix our problems at home is to follow the same path that Europe has? Our budget deficit continues to balloon with no signs of stopping or slowing down. Historically when a nation’s debt reaches 90% as a share of GDP, economies will stagnate. Currently we are at 70% and will hit 90% in under 10 years.

This is unacceptable and can be avoided by adopting the Contract for America’s terms to pass a balanced budget amendment. This amendment will ensure spending does not accelerate at the rate it currently is and spending growth will be capped as a percentage of GDP.

Until this amendment is passed, politicians will continue to tax and spend faster and faster. When money is not coming physically out of their pockets they see no reason they can’t spend it. American government deficit spending needs to stop immediately.

$1,200 Per Family In New Taxes

On Wednesday the Associated Press reported that over 6 million uninsured people will get hit by a tax penalty as a result of Obamacare. This tax penalty works out to about an average of about $1,200 per family in 2016. Even more concerning is that this tax will hit mostly middle class households.

Obamacare is flawed legislation based on a flawed premise. Although it was well documented that the main complaint about health care was the cost and addressing the problem, the government instead got involved and created a massive federal entitlement program that is hurting those it should be helping.

Citizens all over the country have spoken out for the repeal of Obamacare by voting to include it as a main pillar of the Contract From America. Wednesday’s findings simply add more evidence to the core argument that Obamacare is financially unsustainable, does not address the main problem of private healthcare, and makes more people dependent of the government.

If we want to return to fiscal responsible governing we must repeal Obamacare and replace it with a plan that works and we can afford so our children don’t spend their whole lives paying for it.

ATR: “Contract from America” Underscores Need for Transparency

Yesterday during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Tea Party Patriots and several other sponsoring organziations, including Americans for Tax Reform, unveiled a new project – the “Contract from America.” They have launched a website with a number of suggested planks (suggested by taxpayers from around the country) for the final Contract to be unveiled on Thursday, April 15, 2010.

In the meantime, you can visit the website and vote on the planks you think are most important.

  • We like the fact that three of the planks focus on transparency in areas that CFA has been very active, too:
  • Broadcast all non-security meetings and votes on C-SPAN and the Internet
  • Begin an audit of the Federal Reserve System.

Every bill, in its final form, will be made public seven days before any vote can be taken and all government expenditures authorized by any bill will be easily accessible on the Internet before the money is spent.

Note, however, that for the third one, we would like to see the plank broadened to not just focus on “authorized expenditures” but on actual expenditures, too. We all know that the budget/appropriations bills are the documents in which politicians explain how much and how they’re going to spend our oney – but the actual check registers and expenditure records will tell us the full story. Consequently, they should be made available online in an easily accessible and searchable format in as close to real time as possible.

Continue reading at the Americans for Tax Reform website…