POLITICO: GOP Praises Tea Party ‘Contract from America’

By Jake Sherman

House Republicans are showering praise on the tea party’s “Contract from America,” a document that lays out some of the movement’s priorities.

As the tea partiers gathered on the National Mall for a tax day protest, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said the document “captures the American people’s frustration with a government that has grown too big, too costly, and too arrogant.”

The tea party contract calls for a balanced budget, repeal of the health care law, tax reform, an end to earmarks and a rejection of a cap and trade energy plan.

House Republican Conference Chair Mike Pence of Indiana said it’s a “good start toward the essential goals of individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom.”

“I hope that many conservative leaders will join with this bold initiative that’s marked by powerful ideas to get our government’s fiscal house in order,” Pence wrote in an emailed statement. “As Republicans move forward developing our agenda for the 112th Congress, efforts like this will be invaluable.”

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DOME: “Political Establishment Out of Touch with Voters”

By Roger Buchholtz

Scott Brown’s Massachusetts victory demonstrates the disconnect between voters and the Republican and Democratic Party establishments that has been in evidence for some time now. That view was validated in two December 2009 polls:

  1. Wall Street Journal/NBC – Comparing the favorable/unfavorable ratings of the Republican and Democratic parties and the Tea Party movement, Tea Party leads with 41 percent favorable to 24 percent unfavorable, compared to 35/45 for Democrats and 28/43 for Republicans.
  2. Rasmussen Reports found that 73 percent of Republican voters believe Republicans in Washington are out of touch with the base.

In addition, a January 28, 2010, Rasmussen poll found that 45 percent of the public believe that most Congress members are corrupt, while 28 percent believe they are not, with 26 percent undecided. See report.

On January 6, Rasmussen released poll results showing only 32 percent of likely voters nationwide are even somewhat convinced that their elected representatives have their best interests in mind. The electorate is highly skeptical of incumbents.

A national Tea Party website, called the Contract From America, asks visitors to vote on which public policy issues they consider the most important. The national FairTax is currently in the #1 position, with twice the votes of term limits, balanced budget amendment, drill here/drill now and 30 other issues on the list. No other tax reform proposal even made the list. At the Michigan Tea Party Convention held in Holt last spring, the MI FairTax was the runaway winner as the #1 issue of importance in Michigan.

Politico is now reporting that 2009 will probably represent still another record-breaking year for lobbying revenues, in spite of the current difficult economy. This buying and selling of votes for tax and other favors has so corrupted our representative form of government that many legislators no longer listen to their constituents.

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