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Candidates, Elected Officials, and Political Leaders

United States Senator, Jim DeMint (South Carolina)
United States Senator, Tom Coburn (Oklahoma)
U.S. Representative, Steve King (IA 5th Congressional District)
U.S. Representative, Tom Graves (Georgia 9th)
U.S. Representative, Michael McCaul (TX 10th Congressional District)
U.S. Representative, Pete Olson (TX 22nd Congressional District)
U.S. Representative, Tom Rooney (FL 16nd Congressional District)
U.S. Representative, John Culberson (TX 7th Congressional District)
U.S. Representative, John L. Mica (FL 7th Congressional District)
U.S. Representative, Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA 5th Congressional District)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Marco Rubio (Florida)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Dino Rossi (Washington)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Dan Coats (Indiana)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Rand Paul (Kentucky)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Ron Johnson (Wisconsin)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Jerry Moran (Kansas)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Todd Tiahrt (Kansas)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Ken Buck (Colorado)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Jane Norton (Colorado)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Sharron Angle (Nevada)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Mike Lee (Utah)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Christine O’Donnell (Delaware)
U.S. Senate Candidate, JD Hayworth (Arizona)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Ovide Lamontagne (New Hampshire)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Jay Townsend (New York)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Gary Berntsen (New York)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Michael Sepe (New York)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Joe Miller (Alaska)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Jim Rutledge (Maryland)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Eric Wargotz (Maryland)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Clint Didier (Washington)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Paul Akers (Washington)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Chuck Purgason (Missouri)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Alexander Snitker (Florida)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Bernard DeCastro (Florida)
U.S. Senate Candidate, Joe Bellis (Kansas)
U.S. Senate Candidate, John Boozman (Arkansas)
Former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich
Former Majority Leader, Dick Armey
Candidate, Jeff Duncan (South Carolina)
Candidate, Jason Whitman (Wyoming)
Candidate, Patricia Lightner (Kansas)
Candidate, Pamela Gorman (Arizona)
Candidate, Dennis Ross (Florida)
Candidate, John Dennis (California)
Candidate, Jerry Labriola (Connecticut)
Candidate, Kathy Brown (Connecticut)
Candidate, Malvi Lennon (Connecticut)
Candidate, Tod Oppenborn (Nevada)
Candidate, Jef Fincher (Georgia)
Candidate, Bryan Severns (Texas)
Candidate, David McKinley (West Virginia)
Candidate, Renee Slinkard (Kansas)
Candidate, Thomas Bock (New York)
Candidate, Robin Smith (Tennessee)
Candidate, Clay Cox (Georgia)
Candidate, William Crawford (Florida)
Candidate, Charles Thompson (Oklahoma)
Candidate, James Scholz (Missouri)
Candidate, Barry Hess (Arizona)
Candidate, Rick Allen (Georgia)
Candidate, Tim Scott (South Carolina)
Candidate, Mike Hight (Indiana)
Candidate, Bruce West (Texas)
Candidate, Jason Allen (Michigan)
Candidate, Eddie Zamora (Texas)
Candidate, Linda Goldthorpe (Michigan)
Candidate, William Strieber (Texas)
Candidate, Kathy Johnson (Idaho)
Candidate, Rob Sampson (Connecticut)
Candidate, Patricia Sullivan (Florida)
Candidate, Delia Lopez (Oregon)
Candidate, “Hank” Whitelock (Wyoming)
Candidate, Mark Grannis (Maryland)
Candidate, Nathan Chesebro (Michigan)
Candidate, John Koster (Washington)
Candidate, Stephen Labate (New York)
Candidate, Collins Bailey (Maryland)
Candidate, Deborah Busch (New York)
Candidate, Robert Fields (Tennessee)
Candidate, Cathy Giessel (Alaska)
Candidate, Gordon Fiddes (Oregon)
Candidate, Shawn Hoffman (California)
Candidate, Anna Little (New Jersey)
Candidate, Todd Lally (Kentucky)
Candidate, John Faulk (Texas)
Candidate, Bob Parker (Missouri)
Candidate, Tim Huelskamp (Kansas)
Candidate, Steve Mueller (Texas)
Candidate, Eric A. Feige (Alaska)
Candidate, Ilario Pantano (North Carolina)
Candidate, Donna Campbell, M.D. (Texas)
Candidate, Dan Fanelli (Florida)
Candidate, TJ Thompson (Indiana)
Candidate, Stephen Bailey (Colorado)
Candidate, Peter Corrigan (Ohio)
Candidate, Daniel Cardena (Wyoming)
Candidate, Martin Elsass (Ohio)
Candidate, Tim Besco (Texas)
Candidate, Sean Bielat (Massachusetts)
Candidate, Brad Marston (Massachusetts)
Candidate, Andrew McNulty (Rhode Island)
Candidate, Thomas Zaleski (Arizona)
Candidate, John Gomez (New York)
Candidate, Frank Guinta (New Hampshire)
Candidate, Scott Bruun (Oregon)
Candidate, Frank Foster (Michigan)
Candidate, Bill Randall (North Carolina)
Candidate, Jeff Hartline (Tennessee)
Candidate, Dennis Lennox (Michigan)
Candidate, Keith Lepor (Massachusetts)
Candidate, William Gunn (Massachusetts)
Candidate, Bob Brancato (Colorado)
Candidate, David Ratowitz (Illinois)
Candidate, Don Baldauf (Florida)
Candidate, Ken DeLoach (Georgia)
Candidate, David Castillo (Washington)
Candidate, Mark Reed (California)
Candidate, Teri Newman (Illinois)
Candidate, Larry Andre (California)
Candidate, Bobby Schilling (Illinois)
Candidate, Jim Pratt (South Carolina)
Candidate, Ken Wegner (Nevada)
Candidate, Jim Ward (Arizona)
Candidate, Randall Yearout (Washington)
Candidate, Jesse Kelly (Arizona)
Candidate, Joe Siano (New Jersey)
Candidate, John Wayne Tucker (Missouri)
Candidate, Liz Carter (Georgia)
Candidate, Chip Cravaack (Minnesota)
Candidate, Kerry Roberts (Tennessee)
Candidate, Bob McCarthy (Massachusetts)
Candidate, Mary Ruth Edwards (Washington)
Candidate, Christopher Dent (Massachusetts)
Candidate, Chris Cox (New York)
Candidate, Mike Yost (Florida)
Candidate, Robyn Hamlin (Missouri)
Candidate, Jody Hice (Georgia)
Candidate, Thomas Weaver (Massachusetts)
Candidate, Craig McPherson (Kansas)
Candidate, Ed Klapproth (Nevada)
Candidate, Marty Lamb (Massachusetts)
Candidate, Ron Harwell (Tennessee)
Candidate, Rick Torres (Connecticut)
Candidate, Scott Folkens (California)
Candidate, Dan Benishek (Michigan)
Candidate, Henrietta Dwyer (New Jersey)
Candidate, Paul Wasserman (New York)
Candidate, Chris Salvino (Arizona)
Candidate, Joe Budd (Florida)
Candidate, Tony Amorose (Michigan)
Candidate, Joe Krysztoforski (Maryland)
Candidate, John Willoughby (Hawaii)
Candidate, Collins Bailey (Maryland)
Candidate, Andy Harris (Maryland)
Candidate, Jason Sager (Florida)
Candidate, Jon Morris (Indiana)
Candidate, Kurt Kelly (Florida)
Candidate, Donald Strong (Tennessee)
Candidate, Jim Graham (Ohio)
Candidate, James Watkins (Washington)
Candidate, Tom Mullins (New Mexico)
Candidate, Sam Meas (Massachusetts)
Candidate, Roland Straten (New Jersey)
Candidate, Doug Dubitsky (Connecticut)
Candidate, Bob McConnell (Colorado)
Candidate, Curtis Harris (Colorado)
Candidate, Howard Houchen (Oklahoma)
Candidate, Ashley Woolard (North Carolina)
Candidate, Joe Jaraczewski (Arizona)
Candidate, Jeffrey Perry (Massachusetts)
Candidate, Paul Smith (California)
Candidate, Jim Renacci (Ohio)
Candidate, Steve Tarvin (Georgia)
Candidate, David Schweikert (Arizona)
Candidate, Lou Ann Zelenik (Tennessee)
Candidate, Eddie Hendry (Florida)
Candidate, Francisco Canseco (Texas)
Candidate, Don Browning (Florida)
Candidate, Randy Altschuler (New York)
Candidate, Ramsay Wharton (Hawaii)
Candidate, Dean Black (Florida)
Candidate, Jeff Smith (Arizona)
Candidate, David Ryon (Ohio)
Candidate, Jake Towne (Pennsylvania)
Candidate, Keith Fimian (Virginia)
Candidate, Alan Nunnelee (Mississippi)
Candidate, Sandy Adams (Florida)
Candidate, Tony Buntyn (Florida)
Candidate, Ruth McClung (Arizona)
Candidate, John Smith (California)
Candidate, David Orr (Georgia)
Candidate, Dave Argall (Pennsylvania)
Candidate, Terri McCormick (Wisconsin)
Candidate, Steve Southerland (Florida)
Candidate, Troy Stouffer (Maryland)
Candidate, York Kleinhandler (New York)
Candidate, Dale Glading (New Jersey)
Candidate, Dan Hill (Nebraska)
Candidate, Robert Lowry (Florida)
Candidate, Jack Hoogendyk (Michigan)
Candidate, CeCe Heil (Tennessee)
Candidate, Tim Dillon (Washington)
Candidate, Michael Reed (Maryland)
Candidate, Kirk Pearson (Utah)
Candidate, Vernon Harrison (Massachusetts)
Candidate, Rocky Raczkowski (Michigan)
Candidate, Nan Hayworth (New York)
TN Gubernatorial Candidate, Zach Wamp (Tennessee)

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