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The Contract from America is a grassroots-generated, crowd-sourced, bottom-up call for real economic conservative and good governance reform in Congress.

The Contract from America initiative was developed within the decentralized tea party and 912 movements. Ryan Hecker, a Houston Tea Party Society activist, developed the concept of creating a grassroots-generated call for reform prior to the April 15, 2009 Tax Day Tea Party rallies.

The Contract from America website was launched on September 1, 2009. But while one activist came up with the idea of a document generated by the people, this process would not have been successful without the creativity of hundreds of thousands of freedom-loving Americans, who from September 2009 to January 2010, submitted and debated thousands of ideas on the Contract from America website. Thousands of grassroots leaders nationwide also did their part by filling out a series of surveys that helped narrow the boldest and most viable ideas down to 22. Now is your chance to make a real difference and vote for the top 10 ideas out of the 22 finalists that you believe should be in the final Contract from America, was unveiled at tea parties around the country on April 15, 2010.

This project would also not have been a success without the hard work and innovation of many individuals and organizations to achieve the goals of this project.

Robin Stublen with Punta Gorda Tea Party, Judy and Greg Holloway with Austin Tea Party Patriots, Felicia Cravens and Josh Parker with Houston Tea Party Society, Rob Gaudet with Shreveport Bossier Tea Party, Kellen Giuda with Tea Party 365, and Andrew Ian Dodge with Maine Tea Party Patriots have played pivotal roles in the early support and continued promotion of the Contract from America initiative.

Scott Graves of The Liberty Lab has worked tirelessly developing this website and building online support for this project.

Adam Brandon, Max Pappas, and Tabitha Hale of FreedomWorks have been instrumental in helping organize and unite a broad-based coalition of grassroots organizations, new media outlets, and public policy experts behind the Contract from America, as have Adam Radman with Americans for Tax Reform, Andrew Moylan with National Taxpayers’ Union, Ginni Thomas with Liberty Central, Adam Waldeck with American Solutions, and Lori Roman with Regular Folks United.

These individuals, though, are just a small sample of the dozens of local tea parties and hundreds of other individuals, too many to mention here, who have been big supporters and promoters of this initiative from the beginning.

Now you can make a difference! With your help in voting for the ideas to be in the final document, we will collectively send a message to the politicians that we are no longer silent. They represent us and must to listen our ideas now.