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We Need A Tax Code That Makes Sense

Mitt Romney’s tax rate continues to be the topic of much debate over whether or not he paid his “fair share”, but the fact is that this debate is backward. The debate should not be about if what someone is paying is fair, it should be about if the tax code itself is fair. To that end, the whole country should be in agreement that it is NOT fair.

In 1895 the Supreme Court of the United States declared the income tax unconstitutional. Since then, the Congress has overruled the court and consequently the tax code is currently 2,500 pages long; nearly 7 times the length of the bible. Not only is this insane, but it is truly unfair!

The tax code is full of holes, punishes success and even punishes inheritance after a family member’s death! It needs to go. The Contract From America seeks to change this. We want to enact real tax reform, and make the code flatter and fairer. Less people would point fingers about others’ tax rates if they fully understood the tax code and felt that everyone was treated fairly, something which currently can’t be said.

  • Dennis R. Drake

    I agree with the statement above completely. I would like to work as a volunteer
    coordinator for this program in Southern Indiana area. Contact me, at ph 812 544 2883.
    We need to use this to tie the various Tea Party and other groups together, get organized when we do that, we multiply our efforts! We must win the 2014 elections!
    Thanks for this organization we really needed this organization!
    Thanks to all who developed this organization, Dennis R. Drake

  • Frank Davis

    I would urge you to mention the FairTax by name! And support it by name!