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POLITICO: Debt Ceiling Talks have Tea Party Ready for Disappointment – and Retribution

By Kenneth P. Vogel and Marin Cogan

Tea party activists braced for disappointment as negotiations on the debt ceiling finally resulted in a deal Sunday, but sent a clear signal to congressional Republicans that they are in no mood to tolerate compromise and will seek retribution against anyone who has not fully supported their agenda.

They are focused in particular on the fate of the concession they extracted from House Speaker John Boehner in order to get his debt ceiling bill through the House last week – a provision making a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution a prerequisite for raising the debt ceiling again that they regarded as a huge victory.

“If the final bill is passed by establishment Republicans and House Democrats and does not include a balanced budget amendment as a requirement, it will be completely unacceptable and will be seen as a violation of the mandate that the tea party and like-minded people gave Republicans in 2010,” said Ryan Hecker, the leader of a crowd-sourced tea party effort called the Contract from America.

“The tea party didn’t help elect Republicans because they liked Republicans. They elected Republicans to give them a second chance. And if they go moderate on this, then they have ruined their second chance, and there will be a real effort to replace them with those who will stand up for economic conservative values,” said Hecker, who helped conservative House Republicans rally support for the amendment.

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  • keithbreedlove

    “… they are in no mood to tolerate compromise and will seek retribution against anyone who has not fully supported their agenda…” Are you kidding me? The truth of the matter is that the Dems (to be polite) still control the Senate and, unless Conservatives emerge this November with a total of 61, are likely to be able to styme anything Conservatives want to do. This is because Obama will still be President for another 2+ years. And remember, he will not compromise because he believes that our system is flawed and that his ideas are better. I think that the 2 wings of conservatism should meet to devise an approach for the primaries. One thing that should include is a recognition that we can agree to disagree, but we are not enemies. The enemy is in the White House. So, however the primaries turn out, both sides should urge their followers to go to the polls in November and not stay home because they don’t agree 100% with the conservative candidate(s). To change things we have to win and constant in-fighting — egged on by the Dems and the MSM — will not make us winners. And as for the debt ceiling, whatever deal is worked out, Republicans should vote “present” or be absent. Let the Dems own the massive increase and its downstream effects. They were the only ones to vote for Obamacare, so they own that. Let them own the rest of the problems, too.