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Race Heats up for 26th Congressional District Seat

By Erinn Cain, Penfield Post Staff Writer

As the election nears on May 24, the race is heating up to fill the 26th Congressional District seat vacated by Republican Chris Lee.

Here is the latest in the race:

Tea Party Express came to the Rotary Lodge Greece Canal Park today to endorse candidate Jane Corwin. According to the group, candidate Jack Davis is listed under “Tea Party” on the ballot, but “his political past reveals him as a liberal Democrat with a history of supporting higher taxes, ObamaCare, cap and trade legislation, contributing many thousands of dollars to far-left Democrat candidates, as well as endorsing Barack Obama for president.”

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer has endorsed candidate Kathy Hochul. Schumer said he accredited the endorsement to Hochul’s strong ties to Western New York, her plan to help small businesses create jobs and her fight to protect Medicare.

Corwin has recently joined over 70 currently-elected Senators and Congressmen nationwide to sign the “Contract from America,” a Main Street, Tea Party-driven legislative blueprint for 2011 and beyond.

“For too long, Washington politicians have failed to take the lead on cutting spending and reforming our tax system,” said Corwin. “As someone who has helped run a small family business, I will fight to cut spending and reduce taxes so we can strengthen our economy and create good-paying jobs.”

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