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THE ATLANTIC: House GOP’s New Contract is a Page From the Tea Party

By Chris Good

House Republicans unveiled a new website today,, through which they’ll solicit ideas for a Contract with America style platform document. Visitors can submit and vote on platform ideas for the House Republican Conference. The idea was hatched by House Minority Leader John Boehner and led, at Boehner’s request, by California Congressman Kevin McCarthy.

In launching the site, House Republicans are taking a page from the Tea Party movement, which in April unveiled and promoted the Contract from America–a Contract with America style document created by Houston-based Tea Party activist Ryan Hecker. Hundreds of thousands of people voted for their favorite principles online to create the Contract as an open-sourced platform for the Tea Party movement. That document, unveiled ahead of nationwide April 15 Tea Party events, was praised by prominent Republicans including Boehner, who said in a press release that the Contract from America should be required reading for every lawmaker.

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  • ed armstrong

    I am tired of emergency spending bills,,,,, that do not have to paid for……. Cut the spending someplace before spending more money….. Start with departments, education, homeland security, EPA, Energy, quit saying tax cuts, you are not entitlled to American’s money, it is not your money to give us a tax cut, credit, it is our money, not Washingon’s. We give you the money for defense, security, we have the justice department, we have the CIA, the TSA, FBI, consolidate departments, do not emergency spend to bail out unions, they should not be bailed out, they stole, mismanaged, their money the tax payers did not…… Social Security’s money was mismanaged by Washington, not the people. You are not bailing out IRA’, 401ks, tell the unions to quit buy political votes with their members money, maybe they would not be broke.