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CONGRESS.ORG: Tea Partier to GOP… “Copy Away”

Republicans seem to be borrowing from the tea party playbook.

By Ambreen Ali

If imitation is a form of flattery, then the GOP just paid tea partyer Ryan Hecker the ultimate compliment.

As Hecker and the Tea Party Patriots unveiled the final version of their Contract From America , House Republicans announced a very similar initiative called the Commitment to America.

Like the tea party’s 10-point manifesto , the Republicans’ mission statement will be generated by collecting online surveys from conservative Americans.

Hecker collected more than 500,000 surveys over the past six months and recently unveiled his web-savvy strategy for incorporating the grassroots.

“I’m honored that they’re looking at the process we used,” Hecker said Thursday as he set up for a Tax Day rally on the National Mall.

“At the end of the day, if the Republicans come up with their own document and it’s a strong document, that’s good,” he added. “But I hope that our agenda is still a central part of what they’re doing.”

Hecker said the growing popularity of the tea parties is a big reason why the Republican Party is opening up their document to grassroots input.

“I think they recognize that they’ve lost some legitimacy,” he said.

The Republican initiative appears to be coming from the offices of House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), who has tried to court the tea parties without undermining their independence. He asked Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to lead the effort.

“In ’94 there wasn’t the Internet, there wasn’t phone apps,” McCarthy told Roll Call . “We are going to make it easy so anybody from across this country from all different walks [can contribute].”

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  • Gena Lunsford

    Go, Go, Go!!!!! I am glad to see that we have some people in Washington that are noticing and know that we are not going away. This is a hard time for America and I know that alot of people are worried about alot of things, but if we keep banded together and do what is right and believe in our Lord and Constitution, we will come through. Praise everyone that is helping and attending.

  • Paul A. Huber

    This is all great but how can I get a copy of the “Contract From America” ..Did I miss some instruction?

  • Donald Baloga

    Step up America

    We need our country back to it’s conservative roots. Keep the momentum going .


  • Ronald E. Ater

    I will be voting against any incumbent this election. I do not trust any politican, but I hope the GOP takes over. They need to remember they are part of the problem, because when they were in power they sit back and did nothing. Americans want Health care reform, but they don’t want Obama care. Americans want Illegal aliens sent home, and the border secure, they dont want amnesty. They gave amnesty 20 some years ago and made new laws, but didn’t inforce them, and the same thing would happen again. The government is good at making laws,but not inforcing them. We need action, not documents. Ron

  • Jared

    The GOP can be trusted about as far as we can throw Michael Moore. If they have all kinds of new contracts and agreements and then A do not deliver on them and B deliver on them to throw us a bone and then return to their tyrannical ways they will remain illegitimate and worthless.

  • william baldree

    This hold democrat socialism started with Wilson and the income tax. If we don’t get rid of the income tax and congress power to tax American people we will continue to to have add on bills to take this great country to socialism. I’m for privatizing SS and doing away with medicare. You pay the Dr. up front and if you have insurance or savings account you submit your own bill.

    Lets keep supply and demand alive. Lets stop paying farmers not to grow anything.

    The best ism is Capitalism. China has proven that.