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CBN: ‘New Guard’ Conservatives Pack CPAC Event

By David Brody

The Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., has a new feel this year, primarily because of the Tea Party movement spreading across the U.S.

The annual event, which kicked off Feb. 18, gives conservatives a chance to come together and discuss ideas on how to win future elections.

It didn’t take long for this year’s CPAC to get humming. Marco Rubio, an up-and-coming conservative prominent in the Tea Party movement, was the event’s first speaker.

Rubio is running for the Florida Senate, taking on the more moderate and popular Republican Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

Rubio was 30 points down in the polls, but has now pulled ahead. And despite Crist’s attempt to question Rubio’s conservative credentials, Tea Partiers see him as the genuine conservative real deal.

Rubio is part of the “new guard” at CPAC — younger, grassroots-type conservatives trying to make their mark on the Republican party. The “old guard” is still around, but the players are changing.

“Rock stars” at the conservative concert are people like South Carolina Sen. Jim Demint, who’s been extremely influential. His Senate Conservatives Fund is contributing money to conservative Republican candidates across the country who are taking on moderate Republican challengers.

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  • John T. Harrington

    The Republican party should learn the lesson from the special election in New York where a tea party activist was just elected. If the RNC supports candidates that the tea party members can embrace, then they will when a lot of seats in November.

  • Todd Wolf

    We are being led by marketeers, mystics, and megalomaniacs who believe in and are promoting a kingdom of heaven on earth … utopia … a condition that hasn’t come because it never does and never will in this perfectly imperfect existence; the relationship of man and God. In explaining, expressing, and exercising their distorted worldview of what life is all about, these underwriters of phony utopian prospectuses deliver dystopia … authoritarian, totalitarian government, repressive social control systems, a lack of individual freedoms and expressions, and a state of constant warfare or violence. Thinking in categories rather than thinking, they break this whole, that is greater than the sum of its parts, into pieces. They arrogantly misinterpret the order that is the universe as something they hold the power to organize rather than observing, discovering, and attempting, with humility, to understand the immutable laws of an order that already exists.