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Good Happenings on the Right

Good Happenings on the Right

By Quin Hillyer

It is good news when so much positive energy is being generated on the right that there isn’t time or space to do justice to the examples. Forgive, then, the brevity of each item of this roundup, but don’t hesitate to jump in and help if any of these endeavors impresses you.

First, consider the Contract From America. Yes, from America, not with America. That older Contract with America served its purpose in 1994 and will not be duplicated. Instead, the new Contract From America takes advantage of new technology to create a “collaborative grassroots effort to create a document that offers real change in Washington D.C. and the state capitals.” This isn’t just “viral marketing,” it’s viral policy creation. The only thing imposed from above is the Preamble — and it’s a good one. I love the part in the first sentence that says a new contract is needed “in order to protect our country from those who seek power and authoritarian control under the false guise of compassion and altruism.” And yes, it certainly is a false guise that today’s left is wearing. Anyway, the three short parts of the Preamble pledge fealty to individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom. In a nutshell, that’s what modern conservatism — otherwise known as classical liberalism — is all about.

All of the programmatic details of the new Contract are to be worked out by the thousands upon thousands (the organizers hope) of participants across the nation.

Do take a look. It’s a great idea.

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